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With patents in hand, Santa Fe founder of Board30 fitness systems seeks next step

Members of Board30 work out with founder Floery Mahoney on their 8-by-2-foot fitness boards at the studio at 1512 Pacheco St.

By Teya Vitu
Oct 23, 2023

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The 2-by-2-foot wood board with a tangle of resistance bands is the equivalent of a gym full of strength and cardio equipment.

Actually, Floery Mahoney’s Board30 fitness studio at 1512 Pacheco St. has no traditional gym equipment.

Instead, there are a series of 8-by-2-foot Body Boards on the floor.

The 2-by-2-foot Board30 Mini is a scaled-down version of the Body Board.

Each has a pair of resistance bands with handles at one end and bands with ankle straps at the other end. Two flat bands run the length of the board, and overhead bands with two handles dangle from above.

“Even if you are not trying, you’re going to get a full-body workout,” Mahoney said. “This is designed to give you the best workout in 30 minutes that is low impact on your body. Everybody who tried this has some improvement with fitness and also pain. We hope to keep you from the chiropractor and the surgery table.”

Mahoney was issued a patent Oct. 15 for the Board30 Mini after receiving her first patent in 2016 for the Body Board.

Board30 founder Floery Mahoney and Prisma Avery of Santa Fe work out Thursday on their 8-by-2-foot fitness boards at Board30 in Santa Fe.

“I think you have to plan more on branding,” Mahoney said. “I think branding is the most important thing, but a patent adds value and validates your system.”

The Body Board is designed for gyms. Mahoney launched Board30 Global with her gym at Pacheco Park in 2018. Since then, she has licensed seven other Board30 locations in New Mexico, Utah,

Colorado and Florida, with others pending in Boston, Oklahoma City, Tampa Bay, Fla., and Westin, Fla.

The Body Boards are also used at resorts, spas and studios in 24 locations in Europe, 20 to 30 locations in South Korea and 30 locations in Japan.

The small Board30 Mini is for personal home use and travel use.

“It’s 10 pounds,” Mahoney said. “I take it on planes. You can take it on vacation.”

She has sold about 1,000 units directly to U.S. consumers via the Board30 websites and also on the Home Shopping Network and at

But the Board30 Mini is on the market sooner than Mahoney expected.

“I was going to launch it at a much later date, but we test-marketed it in Korea during COVID and sold 4,000 in the first year,” Mahoney said.

Floery Mahoney works out at Board30 on her 2-by-2-foot fitness board Thursday.

Board30 Global is her company producing and selling the boards. But Mahoney is at a crossroads.

“I’m selling Board30 Global because my marketing is limited,” she said. “There are three different companies I’m talking to. It has value. I need to be the most recognized resistant training program in the world. In the right hands, we can become a household name in 15 months.”

But Mahoney really wouldn’t be stepping back. At least not now.

“Here’s my dream scenario: I’m going to run this studio until I die,” she said.

She hopes to work out an agreement with a buyer to stay on board with the company.

“I’m the creative content person,” Mahoney said. “I’m the person who is the creative developer.”

In 2018, Mahoney became a Tory Burch Fellow through the Tory Burch Foundation Pitch Competition.
Mahoney started with the Body Board in 2014 while living in Vermont. She moved to Santa Fe six years ago and started the Pacheco Park studio five years ago.

“I was a chocolatier,” she said. “I tied bands around furniture at first. I built a board for myself. I had five prototypes made. My trainer friends were blown away.”