Sun Mountain Custom Doors

Sun Mountain Custom Doors

1512 Pacheco Street, Suite D108, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505




With a process that merges Old World craftsmanship with modern woodworking technology, Sun Mountain creates extraordinary wood doors. Sun Mountain doors are available in the broadest selection of designs and materials. And the company continues its founders’ legacy as master wood finishers, with a wide collection of luxurious stains and hand-applied glazes. Enjoy the journey to find the perfect wood door. The door that welcomes and conveys warmth, that reflects style and sophistication, that makes the house a home. Welcome to Sun Mountain—the premier maker of custom wood doors in the U.S.


Why purchase from Sun Mountain? Here are a few reasons.


Sun Mountain products are manufactured in northern Colorado. The company offers high quality products made with locally and regionally sourced materials.


Purchasing from Sun Mountain is purchasing direct from the manufacturer. This reduces channels of communication, potential miscommunications, and errors. But most importantly, purchasing direct provides the best pricing possible—eliminating markups of a wholesaler or distributor.


Most distributors stock a limited selection of styles and sizes of product, and cannot service unique or odd-sized needs. At worst, this translates to product unavailability. At best, this leads to longer lead times, with customers waiting for special order manufacturing through another supplier. Sun Mountain can supply thousands of design, wood species, and glass combinations, with products sized to fit exact needs.


Sun Mountain uses state-of-the-art equipment and a proprietary scheduling system to offer industry-leading lead times. Where other custom manufacturers offer lead times of 8 to 12 weeks, Sun Mountain typically supplies demand in 4 to 6 weeks. The company also stocks several of the most popular door styles and sizes for ultra-fast delivery.


Sun Mountain’s stile and rail doors are engineered to resist warping. Stiles and rails are manufactured with high-quality LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) or LSL (Laminated Strand Lumber) core, sandwiched between 1/8″ thick lumber skins. Door panels are solid wood, with no plywood or waferboard core. And, the doors are assembled with robust bore and dowel construction. Sun Mountain’s quality and construction are unmatched.


Sun Mountain offers a large selection of standard stain and glaze finish colors. Because of the company’s high quality coatings, equipment, and clean room environment, Sun Mountain’s pre-finished products look better, perform better, and often cost less than jobsite finishes. And if the desired finish cannot be found among Sun Mountain’s standard colors, the company can custom mix colors to perfectly match needs.


Most of Sun Mountain’s doors ship pre-hung, complete with jambs, hinges, sills, sweeps, and weatherstrip—ready to install. Nothing could be quicker or easier.


Sun Mountain was founded in January 1998 as a distributor, pre-hanger, and pre-finisher of wood doors and mouldings. The company began servicing luxury homes in Colorado, along the Front Range and in the mountain ski resort communities. Although pre-finished cabinets were common in that day, few suppliers offered pre-finished doors and mouldings. The company’s ability to offer high-quality wood finishes at a better value than on-site painting led to rapid growth. Growing sales placed pressure on Sun Mountain’s door suppliers, and this led to the company’s vertical integration into manufacturing beginning in 2003. Production operations expanded over time—from the 30,000 square foot factory at the company’s founding, to the 105,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in operation today.

From the beginning, Sun Mountain focused on the needs of highest-end clients, offering better quality materials than local lumberyards. The company improved product engineering and implemented computer, scanning, and scheduling systems to become the fastest custom door manufacturer in the U.S. In 2008, Sun Mountain began expansion outside of Colorado, opening a boutique showroom and distribution center in western North Carolina. Also in 2008, the company introduced the “Teton Series,” a value-priced line of Knotty Alder interior doors manufactured at its Colorado factory. This line is designed to compete with the growing volume of low-cost, lower-quality imports from China.

Today, Sun Mountain remains true to its “direct” distribution model, providing the highest-quality custom products at the best prices—much lower pricing than multi-step competitors. The company has expanded well beyond Colorado, and regularly ships to all states in the continental U.S. Sun Mountain currently has operations in six states including field sales, showroom, and delivery/service operations.

Despite the recent challenges in the building trades and general economy, Sun Mountain is debt free and very healthy financially. The company is large enough to support commercial projects, and yet small enough to still care about each and every product manufactured.