Lease Space

Customize or move right in…

Businesses lease office space and retail space at Pacheco Park because of beautiful design, it’s ideal location, and for the convenient parking, which are all equally important to them and their clients.

Pacheco Park has a flexible floorplan ready to accommodate a variety of businesses. You can customize the space to fit your needs and style or you can let our design team finish it for you. We have spaces that range from 970 – 3,792 square feet.

Our office spaces and retail spaces feature a lot of natural light with most windows looking out onto either natural landscaping or the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Please contact us at: 505.989.8484 or email to set up a time for a tour of the facilities or if you need any other information.

Spaces Available

The following is a list of spaces available for lease now. There is a variety in the square footage that is available.

Unit # Lease Area (Sq. Ft.) $/ft2 Rent/mo
Unit A103, retail 1976 19.37 $3,190
Unit D204, office 1143 20.05 $1,026
Unit D205, office 1034 21.59 $1,860 $400/month/desk space, includes utilities & CAM
 Unit D207 614 20.05 $1,026

CAM: historically have run about $1.00/ft2/year paid quarterly (1,000 ft2, ~ $250/quarter) Utilities: Estimated at about $0.90/ft2/year for gas & electric (1,000 ft2, ~ $75/month)

Lease Office Space or Retail Space that Reflects your Brand

Find a location or office space that is inspiring and gets you business.

Every business owner is thinking about the image they want to portray to the outside world and to their potential customers. Money, energy and time is spent on creating the ideal brand and identity that will build and grow strong. Yet, many businesses don’t get beyond the business cards and business stationary. Some businesses fail to recognize that the space they inhabit, whether it is their personal business office or a leased store space, directly reflects their brand and the image they’ve worked so hard to build.

Are you inhabiting the right office space or location for your business? Does your space truly reflect your brand? Is your office inviting and bringing you business or does it miss the mark?

Therefore, for the purpose of being consistent, your space and location must be congruent with your brand. To achieve this you might consider an office makeover or look for a new space entirely. Here are the top 4 things to consider as you decide how to upgrade your space and your brand.

1. Location, Location, Location

It’s true your location is key in attracting the right people to your business. This applies especially for retail business owners but also applies to businesses that offer services. The question to ask is if the proximity, the locality and the businesses that surround you reflect the kind of place that your potential customers would visit? The worst is when you’ve built your business up in a customer’s mind as “sophisticated, classy and cutting-edge” when in actuality you are in a sad office park with what looks like second hand furniture and old wall paper on the walls! Make sure this is not the case for your business.

2. Color is beautiful and inspiring

Something as simple as a new coat of paint on the walls can become just the touch you need to inspire again…to inspire yourself to get customers and to inspire your clients to work with you. Check your paint. Check to see if you need to refresh the coat, or if the colors on your walls need to be replaced entirely. The colors you choose should help enhance and elevate your brand. Put work into making it consistent.

3. What you see is what you get

If you look outside and all you see is a big dumpster with garbage falling out of it, you definitely should look into getting something to cover your windows and hide those horrible views. Do not subject yourself or your potential clients to those views any longer. In the world of business what people see is what they think they are getting so don’t let them leave your office thinking they are getting a bunch of “garbage” from you. You can hide the view, or better yet, shop for a new office space that has a view of the things nature intended to have there. This is not entirely out of reach. With some searching you can find a space that can be more inspiring for you and your customers for the same cost as what you might be paying now. Take a look! Shop for a space that has views of trees, a park, the mountains, the street where you see your city come alive.

4. Furniture Comfort

Your furniture should also reflect the style your brand portrays. Whether you are sophisticated and savvy, or fun and funky, your furniture should communicate those traits to those that sit in your office. There are options other than buying totally new furniture. You can paint or stain furniture, apply textures to your furniture, add metal surfaces to a wood table. In order to achieve balance, you can bring in elements that may be missing to balance certain themes you’ve created in your space. The key being that you should do what you need in order to create congruence between your office furniture and your brand, but always look for physical comfort as well as visual comfort when making the final decisions. When you are comfortable sitting in your chair and are surrounded by other comfortable pieces of furniture your posture is supported and you exude confidence.

A growing business naturally starts to show it’s maturity and the community notices. Growing your brand equity is a mature step in business growth and one of the best and most visible ways to portray your brand to your community is through your business or office space. People are driving by your location everyday. They see your business sign everyday. So, what you put out for the passers by to see is critical for your brand. If you haven’t already, consider taking steps today to make a great first impression to your potential clients and your community.