About Pacheco Park

Pacheco Park: Design District

Pacheco Park is the Design District of Santa Fe. We offer office space, retail spaces and other custom spaces as required. Featured here are some of Santa Fe’s most renowned design businesses. From high end and custom furnishings and fixtures to the finest rugs and art, you can find the highest quality and unparalleled design features for most any room in your home. Other types of businesses include those of lifestyle design featuring a world class yoga studio, a physical therapy facility , and a high end salon. Each business at Pacheco Park delivers high quality craftsmanship as well as superb customer service. Finally, Pacheco Park has several service based businesses that lease office space.

To learn more about each of our tenants and what they have to offer, please visit our tenants page.

The Partners

Kurt Faust, Eric Faust and Keith Gorges are partners in a luxury custom home building company Tierra Concepts, Inc. and going into their 20th year in business together. They built Pacheco Park in order to provide a high quality business park with a great location. They also wanted to offer a place that embodied superb design with a contemporary feel that still honored some of the local design standards and style. Because of their custom building background they are able to customize each space exactly to tenant’s needs. Each carry with them a wealth of experience as designers, craftsman, and artists.