• DaVinci Body adds new class:

    The new class is called “24 Minute Da Vinci Body”. It will be held on Fridays at noon. The class is a 24 minute class, just like our classic Da Vinci BodyBoard class but shorter, HIIT BodyBoard style. In at 12, out at 12:30, a true lunch and burn! The Da Vinci BodyBoard is an original approach to fitness that sets people up for success and long-term commitment.

  • Bark at The Park! Photos are ready to peruse….

    This took place Thursday September 21, 4-7PM
    It was a benefit for the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society.
    Click on the image or visit RT White Images

  • Welcome to Pacheco Park-Design District

    Pacheco Park is located on Pacheco Street just off the Railrunner South Capitol stop and only a few blocks away from the Santa Fe Plaza.

  • Customizable Office and Retail Space

    Ideal as office or retail space, Pacheco Park offers a variety of square footages that are all customizable.

  • Pacheco Park Tenants

    Pacheco Park boasts a tenants list of some of Santa Fe’s premiere design experts.

  • Available Lease Space

    Pacheco Park has a range of square footages available to accommodate a variety of needs.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

    Pacheco Park has an aesthetic appeal unlike other business parks and office spaces in Santa Fe.

  • All the Amenities

    Pacheco park is in a great location that provides inspirational views, as well as high-speed communication, and ample parking.


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